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How old do I have to be to get my motorcycle Learners Permit? Eighteen (18) years old.

How quick can I get off my Learners Permit? Three (3) months is the shortest Learners period in Victoria.

What is the biggest motorbike I can ride? The biggest bike you can ride is 660cc LAMS approved.

Do you run the courses in the rain? Yes, we also provide wet weather pants and jackets.

What do I need to wear on the day? Long Sleeves, Long pants and good enclosed footwear.

Do I need to bring a bike for the Learners? No, we provide a bike for the Learners Permit. On the Check Ride and Licence Ride you can use your own.

Do I need to bring a helmet and gloves? If you have your own we recommend you use them, But we have equipment if needed.

When can I ride on my own? If all goes well and you pass the Learners Permit Course, you get issued a Learners Permit at the end of the second day.

What happens if my learners expires? Learners Permits do not renew. You will have to complete the 2 day Learners Course again.

Do I need a Victorian Drivers Licence/Learners Permit get a Motorcycle Learners Permit? Yes, you do need a current Drivers/Learners Permit to then apply for a Motorcycle Permit.